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Your Monster Pub product is covered by a 1 year limited warranty from date of purchase made from,  GUGI Imports Ltd or authorized retailers in Canada and/or USA. Unfortunately we do NOT warranty purchases made from MonsterPub.COM International site or any other international partner site of Monster Pub or Sistalk. The warranty is limited to manufacture and material defects.  Warranty exclusions include and not limited the following: damages due to improper operation, improper storage, use of harsh cleaning products, use non-water based lubricants, physical damage or any software app related issues on your iOS or Android mobile device. 
Authorized Retailers in North America:
Warranty requirements: 
  • Proof of Purchase (showing purchase date, retailer, and product purchased)
  • Photo of bar cade on side of the original packaging
  • Photos of videos or videos of the defective product
  • Please refer to FAQ for Troubleshooting OR contact for further assistance.  We strive to respond to your claims within 48 hours.